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It’s no surprise that everyone likes beautiful things that add glow to their dressing. That’s why everyone loves jewelry pieces and is always on the lookout for the next fashionable piece of jewelry. From a lovely simple earring of different gemstones to a fashionable necklace, a sapphire wrist band and more are just the perfect jewelry pieces to match your outfit.

Whether it’s a day in the park with the kids, a girls’ trip at the beach, an office party, or a wedding ceremony, jewelry pieces add glow and beauty regardless of the occasion. It’s always a perfect gift for someone you adore. Stars adore jewelry, and it looks gorgeous on them. Do you want to look as beautiful as your favorite stars and celebrities without emptying your bank account? Then this article is for you.




Earrings are top fashionable jewelry pieces that add an elegant touch to your outfit. From dangling earrings to stud, hoops, and drop earrings, you’re a step close to dressing like your favorite stars. You don’t need an expensive dress to look good. Just a simple earring over a mini skirt, and that’s awesome.

Victoria’s Secret’s model, Jasmine Tooker, wore simple ultimate gold hoops earrings that matched her beachwear with a lovely complement of a simple necklace. The nice gold-colored hoop earrings were sold for as low as $45.


An expensive or straightforward watch is excellent for all occasions. They draw attention to you and complement your dressing. A Bulgari watch is famous for being worn for large celebrations. It has an aura of royalty, making it an attractive choice for celebrities like Monica Vitti, Cher, Liz Taylor, and Isabella Rosselini. It’s an Italian-inspired design that is fitting for grand ceremonies.

During her press tours, the Bulgari enamel Serpenti is an iconic expensive jewelry piece countlessly sported by Elizabeth Taylor back in the early 1960s. Recently, celebrities like Naomi Watts, Ashley Olsen, and Juliane Moore have been seen checking the time on their lovely Serpenti watch. The Serpenti watch is designed like a snake, especially the way it coils around the wrist. The face of the eye is also the shape of a snake, and it comes in gold touches, yellow gold, and stainless steel.


The Maltese Cross cuffs from the Verdura brand are an old but legendary jewelry piece with an aristocratic tale behind them. Fulco de Verdura, the designer, made the Coco Chanel-inspired cuffs during a trip to the mosaic of Empress Theodora in Italy. The jewelry piece is known for having an aura of celebration. Another iconic jewelry piece, the Verdura Curb Link, made news when Greta Garbo wore it in her garden.


Engagement rings are also jewelry pieces that lift one’s heart in happiness. Several movie scenes have been dedicated to shopping for engagement rings in Tiffany’s. Tiffanys is an enormous luxury empire globally, and they’re known for their style and luxurious settings. Rings are an emblem of celebration, and being a jewelry piece makes it a memorable gift. Elsa Peretti’s Bone cuff or bean pendant is an inspired creation of Tiffany’s.

Another ring that draws perfect attention is the Moissanite ring. They are pure traditional diamond- killer gemstones that sparkle brightly. They are famous for being colorful and vibrant. Made from the brand of Alexander Sparks, they are even brighter than diamonds due to how sharp they reflect light.


A Cartier is another gorgeous jewelry piece popular amongst celebrities like the Duchess of Windsor and Kylie Jenner. The Love Bracelet is one of the most famous jewelry pieces spotted on the red carpet. It comes with a key and a screw to lock the bracelet on one’s partner’s arm to signify eternal love and bond. It’s primarily famous as an anniversary celebration , especially with the introduction of its Love- Bracelet, the Juste Un Clou pieces, and the Cartier Panthere.


Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, and others occasionally flaunt their Van Cleef and Arpel Alhambra’s necklaces all over Hollywood. The simple necklace is a casual piece that can be worn both day and night. It is also a long elegant necklace that complements tops with high necklines and simple outfits.

They look great on simple tops and jeans. It is available in several finishes, including mother of pearl. Top-rated stars like Rihanna or Beyonce are often spotted wearing Chanel labels jewelry pieces such as necklaces and earrings. Such pieces are desirable and perfect because they’re usually in limited edition. It gives a unique boost when you wear them.


Recently, the world of fashion has gone flamboyant, and the styles have changed. There are new and trendy jewelry pieces donned by celebrities worldwide. One of the new jewelry pieces people and stars are wearing is the custom-made jewelry piece. It’s a carved name, initials, or letters on a jewelry piece like a Necklace pendant or band.

Stars like Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing custom-made jewelry pieces that contain her children’s names. Also, the famous artist Taylor swift wears a simple, elegant, custom-made initial custom-made jewelry piece.

This custom-made jewelry is worn for various reasons but majorly for the style and fashionable aura it has. Some wear it for sentimental reasons, such as Christine Appell gate, who wore a custom-made necklace with her daughter’s name “Sadie” engraved.

These personalized jewelry pieces are seen as a welcome trend in fashion that gives a chic vibe to one’s outfit. Other celebrities who wear personalized jewelry are Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Adele, and others. You can also rock a personalized  band or necklace with an affordable amount.


Jewelry pieces are the perfect addition to your outfit, whether you’re in a bathing suit or a corporate suit. From simple hoops earrings to a Cartier’s Love Bracelet that famous stars wear, you can find affordable yet elegant jewelry pieces in online stores.

Not all jewelry pieces worn by celebrities cost millions of dollars. You can look just as gorgeous by these stars by choosing the perfect jewelry piece that matches your style or outfit.

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