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Find the perfect engagement ring

Jewelry can be tricky to choose from, but an engagement ring is a whole other experience. When you’re gearing up for a proposal, you want everything to go perfect. From the logistics to the vendor process, everything should be flawless.

That can be done by hiring a professional that can make your job easy! However, when it comes to engagement rings, you need to take the lead. Engagement rings are a sign of commitment and love that your partner will be bound to forever.

For this reason alone, you need to find a ring that would go with your partner’s taste and preferences. But you don’t need to worry about that since we have you sorted. We’ve mentioned a few tips to help you find the perfect ring for your partner.  This blog will ensure you get all the information you need, to buy a marvelous engagement ring.

This isn’t all, the best part about this article is not just the tips but the perfect engagement ring! Yes, we’ve found an engagement ring for you. It’s the jewelry you’ve been searching for your whole life. Keep reading the blog and find out what’s in store. We hope you like the choice!

Find the perfect engagement ring

engagement ring

Tips on how to find the best engagement ring

Before you get into the whole ring finding fiasco, there’s one thing you should do first. Make a list of all the tasks you need to perform to make this hunt a success. List down everything in order and then go on the road to finding the best engagement ring. The following tips will be a huge help in finding the right engagement ring for your partner.

The shape

The first thing on the list should be deciding on the right shape or cut of the jewelry stone. Choose a cut that will not only appeal to you but to your partner as well. To play it safe, do not go for an over-the-top look for the stone.

Choose a simple yet classy stone cut that is not too small and not too big. Look for extravagance only when you are completely sure about your partner’s taste. Each shape has a different price in the market so you’ll have to keep the finances in mind as well. A round cut is the most expensive of all while shapes like pear and marquise are more affordable.

Band metal

Another detail to look into the jewelry for is the metal band. This again is a decision you cannot make on your own. If you want to surprise your soon-to-be fiancé then be sure to understand her choices and preferences.

Some people don’t like yellow gold or platinum, others like silver and even rose gold. Platinum is quite expensive as compared to silver so keep all the factors of budget and lifestyle in mind.

engagement ring

Carat size

This is the part where you’ll need to try the rings. Quantity versus quality is the principle that you should focus on here. Would your partner want bigger-sized diamond jewelry or not? This can only be found out through trying on the rings. So be sure about the carat size when buying an engagement ring.

Measuring ring size

This is the tricky part, find the most perfect ring size for your partner so there no complications. You do not want to be bound to a ring that’s cutting off blood from your ring finger. So choose the best size that suits your partner. engagement ring

Now that we’ve enlightened you about these tips, we’ve come towards the best part of the blog. You might not even need all these tips once you get your hands on this precious beauty.

engagement ring

14K White Gold Green Amethyst and Diamond Cushion Ring

Yes, we’ve got you an engagement ring. Jewelry like this is what makes these experiences that much more precious. Consider this an engagement present for us! This ring, with its preciously placed gemstone and utterly marvelous charm, will bring you to your knees, literally.

The pictures don’t do justice to the grace and elegance it spews once you wear it. Every customer is saying so! The green amethyst brings out a unique allure from it, that you might even call ‘unreal’.

Once you get the full effect of it all, you will surely blow your mind to bits. Your partner won’t know what’s hit them, so don’t you wait! Get on the high horse and purchase this beauty.

  • The ring is made with 14-carat gold that can be seen in the intricately designed band.
  • The jewelry has green amethyst gemstone for all those gemstone fans to enhance its blinding effect.
  • The price of the engagement ring is quite affordable as compared to a typical engagement ring.

These are all the specifications you’d want to know before going through this big commitment. We hope to provide you with the whole experience of finding an engagement ring. This way you haven’t wasted any time and gotten the most affordable, high-quality engagement ring of all.

Final Verdict

Momentous occasions like engagement proposals will stay with you forever. To keep those memories alive, you’d want everything to go perfectly. This includes getting jewelry which is “the” ring. Rings are what make the occasion that much permanent; eternalizing the love and devotion you have for the person.

So you need to put a lot of effort to make it all happen. This might have seemed challenging but now that you’ve gone through our blog, won’t probably be. After a lot of surfing, we short-listed all the affordable and high-quality engagement rings.

Eventually, we decided on this 14K White Gold Green Amethyst and Diamond Cushion Ring. It’s the ring of dreamers and will always be our first choice! If you still aren’t sure about the choice, go through our tips for engagement rings and you’ll be set.

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