925 real silver

What’s the Difference Between 925 real silver and white gold?

925 real silver and white gold.

925 real silver

It can be particularly very difficult to judge between 925 real silver and white gold since their color is more or less similar to each other. But you need to know the exact difference between 925 real silver and white gold to buy what you are looking for.


What is white gold?

 It is a mixture of gold and other silver alloys like platinum that is why its color is similar to 925 real silver. The combining of silver makes the jewelry looks shiny and beautiful. There are multiple reasons why silver and other metals are blended with gold.


One of the major reasons is that gold itself is very soft like sterling silver. So, a mixture of alloys is important. Otherwise, the color is a prime key to some of the customers as well. 

Of course, the purity of this gold is also measured in karats like other gold jewelry. You should also check before buying that they have combined silver and not other metals because this can cause allergy to hypoallergenic skin. Or you can ask them out to help you out.

Other metals like nickel and rhodium are also mixed into white gold instead of silver to make it hard and mold into different designs and shapes. Rhodium in particular, because it makes the metal mirror like shiny jewelry.






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