925 real silver
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What’s the Difference Between 925 real silver and white gold?

925 real silver and white gold.

925 real silver

It can be particularly very difficult to judge between 925 real silver and white gold since their color is more or less similar to each other. But you need to know the exact difference between 925 real silver and white gold to buy what you are looking for.

What is white gold?

 It is a mixture of gold and other silver alloys like platinum that is why its color is similar to 925 real silver. The combining of silver makes the jewelry looks shiny and beautiful. There are multiple reasons why silver and other metals are blended with gold.

One of the major reasons is that gold itself is very soft like sterling silver. So, a mixture of alloys is important. Otherwise, the color is a prime key to some of the customers as well. 

925 real silver

Of course, the purity of this gold is also measured in karats like other gold jewelry. You should also check before buying that they have combined silver and not other metals because this can cause allergy to hypoallergenic skin. wholesale jewelry  Or you can ask them out to help you out.

Other metals like nickel and rhodium are also mixed into white gold instead of silver to make it hard and mold into different designs and shapes. Rhodium in particular, because it makes the metal mirror like shiny jewelry.

What is 925 real silver?

925 real silver

As discussed in the previous articles, 925 like the name says is 92.5% of pure silver, and the rest 7.5% of other mixed alloys like copper or nickel.

Like gold, real silver is also soft. Therefore, it is necessary to add a small percentage to design and styles into different beautiful jewelry pieces. 

It sure is very difficult to find the difference between two similar materials. These are the following difference you can close into very carefully.

925 real silver vs white gold


925 real silver

925 real silver has a very shiny and sparkly look that makes you look stunning. Silver likewise sparkles splendidly when bought newly; anyway, this should be cleaned all the more oftentimes to keep up its glistening look, since it frequently discolors.

On the other hand, it doesn’t lose its shiny property. Moreover, it has a mirror like a white shine. This is because of rhodium plating on top. You might need to plate it after some time since the rhodium can fade away with time.


925 real silver

925 real silver and white gold are both valuable and precious metals and as such are more significant than other numerous different metals utilized for adornments. In any case, silver is the most moderate and reasonable of the valuable metals utilized for adornments. Due to its lower value of cost, silver adornments are perfect for outfit gems or consistently pieces. 

White gold, then again, is more significant than silver. The estimation of white gold changes relying upon the measure of pure gold in the compound. The higher the level of pure gold, the more significant the piece. Hence, more the value of white gold in terms of cost of course. Wholesale ring  If you are thinking about your adornments as a consideration piece, white gold is seen in a similar light as genuine gold with fine quality.

Heavy duty

925 real silver

This one would be of course more obvious one. White gold is harder because it has a higher percentage mixed with other metals. Hence, many people prefer it when choosing a wedding or an engagement ring. It doesn’t damage resistant and in consequence, it is long lasting.

Moreover, if we talk about 925 real silver, it is softer than white. And the reason is that it has a fewer percentage of metals mixed. That few percentages are 7.5%. It is nothing compared to white gold which is around approximately 23% of other metals. It easily wears and tears out. That is why people don’t prefer it as jewelry pieces, especially as rings. It changes its shape over time.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the hardness of white gold depends on the number of karats it is. Which means the amount of alloyed mixed. The number of karats added is also known as the purity of white gold.


925 real silver

Both of the metals need their care and maintenance over time. You do need to take it to a professional so that they can take care of the loose gems or surfaces. If they need any kind of fixings and services. 

Silver does scratch over time but it will never rust so you don’t need to worry about that. You can always get it polished so remove the scratches. You need to clean it after every while. 

Whereas white gold as compared to 925 real silver doesn’t need that much of care because it doesn’t scratch easily. But again, you must take time out for its care. The rhodium plate on the top of white fades off and makes it the jewelry piece yellow. Consequently, you need to keep that in mind.

925 real silver


If you are looking for jewelry on the terms of investment then white gold should be your choice. Since it is a very high quality product as well as highly priced metal which doesn’t damage with time. Therefore, you should look into white gold for that perspective. Anyways, 925 real silver, on the other hand, is a very friendly budget jewelry piece you can rely on. 

There is some obvious difference you should keep in mind is about the hallmarks. If there are any signs of “k” or a number along with k then it is white gold. But if there is just a number like “925” or “999” then it is 925 real silver. 

You can always perform the authenticity test we have told you in one of the previous articles you should read it out.

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