Welcome to the second part of ‘How to wear the right makeup and accessories for
summer, part ‘. In this series of articles, we explore some beauty tips for summer as well as
inspire you to be yourself with unique jewelry. Without further ado, let's continue with more
tips and tricks from one of the best wholesale silver bracelet vendors, Hong Factory.

Keep the perfect makeup (if possible, all day)

Throughout the year we are looking forward to summer, with its endless days, the
baths on the beach or the pool, the excellent color that we put but, if we think about our
makeup, it is often not easy to keep it at bay and avoid the dreaded and imperfect glare
caused by heat and high temperatures. Therefore, the first and fundamental thing is that at
this time, you use a fresh and light makeup that, also, does not overload your look too much.
You should put on lighter makeup textures, which do not incorporate oils into your
formula, and that can be applied in mousse or cream. A very successful option is usually to
replace your makeup base with sun powders, which will give your face a slight tan tone.
Apply them gently, especially on cheeks, neckline and forehead – areas where the sun most
naturally affects – and use a rather fat and broad brush.
Finally, reinforce your makeup with a little mascara, an eyeliner that is not too fatty
(since, otherwise, you run the risk of running through the eye because of sweat) and a little
color in your cheeks. Ready to go out and give it you're all?
Your best allies for summer makeup? A collected, so that the hair does not overwhelm you
or give you heat and, in this way, do not make you sweat more than the bill; a hat, which will
protect your face and eyes from the intense rays of the sun; and pieces of minimal jewelry,
betting on subtle earrings and accessories such as silver bracelets.

When you're a natural brunette

You are already lucky to be brunette, so just a fundamental tip: do not try to look even
more tanned by increasing the tone of the base of your makeup or opting for some sun dust
worthy look of Naomi Campbell. Change your makeup base for a couple of darker shades
and use bronzing powders to brighten your face and enhance your tan (we insist, not increase
it). Besides, it still boasts a little more of having the right color, improving areas such as
cheekbones with a blush in pink or peach.

Perfect makeup for a beach

And of course, the perfect makeup for a session of beach and sun. Or do you think we
are all of those who set out to spend a long day from the beach to open face? If you prefer not
to risk, overcome the protective cream with color and offer a version of yourself a tad more
careful also in your beach evenings (we never know how they can end), opt for a simple
make up version: waterproof makeup, bronzer (of course, without neglecting the protection
factor under any circumstances), a little gloss or petroleum jelly to enhance and brighten your
lips and a touch of color on the nails (both hands and feet).

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