With the arrival of summer, we reminded you of the essential beauty
accessories to survive a holiday or the ideal accessories with which to decorate with
style the best looks of this season in the part articles.
Now that the heat and summer temperatures go up, it turns out. It is
essential to know the best way to put on makeup on these dates to succeed on any
occasion during the summer season.
That is why, in addition to reminding you of the makeup trends that take
more this summer, we want to offer you the best makeup tips for skin that, to a
greater or lesser extent, sure is already a bit more tanned. Besides, we do not want
you to miss the best tricks so that your makeup stays fresh and careful also against
high temperatures.

Successful trends for this summer

The arrival of the summer season encourages us to wear luminous and
tanned skins (without going overboard and always with caution), with touches of
color in the look, bushy and leafy eyebrows, and lips in golden tones. To achieve this
effect, the faces are natural and full of light and freshness, with hardly any makeup
and playing with cheeks with color in pastel and dusty tones.
For the eyes, take a risk with a brush of color: metallic shadows, intense
colors or even smoky eyes (the already timeless smokey eyes), which this season,
also, are carried in ocher tones. The eyebrows, as we already put you on, bushy and
reinforced with extra-large eyelashes. And, if you are the most daring, of course, use
eyeliner and mark a line that gives you a feline air, a total trend this summer with
which, besides, you will not go unnoticed.
Finally, enhance your lips with golden tones or throw yourself in color with
cherry, orange, or deep red lipsticks. Give your lips a moist air and add volume by
applying a profiler of a color similar to the tone of your lipstick. If you opt for intense
colors, use them with natural faces with hardly any makeup and give your mouth all
the prominence.
In the parades and main catwalks for this spring-summer 2016 season, we
could see a new version of makeup that, in the world of fashion, has already
become a trend: jewel faces, with pearls, lace, and abutments on the own face. But
as we are not going out to have a drink with over the top look. You should bring a
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