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Although one of the primary desires that we feel as soon as the summer makes an
appearance is that of throwing ourselves insanely at the first pool in sigh after we did actually
jump we always feel like we want more from summer. All we want is to TRULY take
advantage of the “long” vacations we have only once a year (with the best of luck) to find
things that we can do differently summer and not fall into the same routine as always.
However, the usual thing is that, as usually happens in most cases and for not having been
able to find that perfect plan, we end up pulling the same plans summer after summer,
vacation after vacation: pool, heat, beach, paella and beach bar, a little trip to a tourist
destination thanks to a last-minute offer. They are not remotely bad; in fact, we would like
them all year long!
But if you are a little tired of finding every summer with the same moment and
enjoying your vacation surrounded by the same people. We want to propose alternative
vacation options in Spain so that, this time, without a doubt, you find things to do in summer
that make your vacation a little more special. The rest is up to you, do you dare to try?


If you are one of those who seek to disconnect from the city and breathe in some fresh
air, surely one of the perfect options for a different vacation can be a mountain weekend.
Spain, especially in the north, is a country of excellent places for this type of getaway:
Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, the offer is unbeatable! But if you really want
to give your plans that original touch, take note of some alternative vacation options:
If you want to be a pastor for a few days, the Caserío Alluitz Natura (in the Natural
Park of Urkiola in Bizkaia), gives you the opportunity to enjoy a few days of immersion in
the pastoral life. You can graze, milk the farm sheep, make your own cheese with milked
milk, shear the sheep, and even learn how to make wool.
Another option to liven up your holidays in communion with nature may be to jump
skydiving and feel the adrenaline rush that should be the throwing at almost 5,000 meters
high. You can opt for a unique experience and hit a single tandem jump or get started in the
art of skydiving with a course on this technique. Of course, there are qualified, quality
organizers, and certified instructors to help you. If you are going to spend your holidays in
Andalusia, try Skydive Sevilla, located in Bollulos de la Mitación.
Finally, and if you have not yet heard about this route for walkers, you can cross with
El Caminito del Rey in Malaga, opened by Alfonso XIII in 1921 and considered one of the
most insecure trails in the world. Restored in 2014, it is currently a completely safe,
accessible road (although not suitable for those suffering from vertigo) and, above all, an
unforgettable experience.
A look to make these plans more bearable without losing your style: choose
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cloudy days) and put the color note with a silver bangle or with beads.

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This is a series of articles intending to help you get the most out of your vacation.
There are more to come, so stay tuned for more!