Hello readers! We are pleased to welcome you to the second and final article of
‘Essential pieces of accessories that you cannot ever leave home without them’ series. In this
series of articles, we show five essential accessories that you must not miss this season.
Continuing from last time, here are those five trendy pieces that can never ever leave home


This season put aside XXL necklaces and make a hole for tiny pendants in XS format.
This summer, you have almost the obligation to get a pendant or choker with some symbol or
special meaning. And we insist, the smaller and more discreet the better!
Crosses and crystals, stars, geometric shapes or horseshoes are trendy right now. Choose
whatever best defines you!


If there is something bright is that having style is nothing more than having
personality and bringing out the best in you. Therefore, this holiday tries to opt for
comfortable and straightforward looks and empower them with a ring that reflects your most
chic version (and, of course, that captures all eyes).
Although gold continues to remain this season as one of the most prominent palettes
in the fashion industry, we cannot deny that models with flowers and animals are beautiful.
Of course, if it is night, a special occasion and you decide on a little black dress, bring out
your best design, diamond or sapphire ring. Surely you will not leave anyone indifferent to
your fashion; you will turn people eyes on you!


The arrival of good weather invites us to show off arms and tan. And nothing better
than highlighting our new skin tone with a bracelet that plays with the mix of materials and
the bright hues that flood us this season, both in garments and accessories. Choose a bracelet
that has semi-precious stones (amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine, and zirconia), or that
conjugates in style silver pieces with colored beads and a single leather thread.


This season, the strong bet is the earrings: with bright colors or with fun shapes and
chains, long and with colored stones, precious and semi-precious and here you can choose
how many variations, mixtures, and designs you want!
Even so, the range is so broad that we prefer you to judge for yourself. Ask yourself
the crucial question, which one would you stay with?


This season devastates bronze and gold version. And, while the star metal of previous
seasons was silver, this summer razes with watches in a discreet or striking design.
Of course, for the beach and your most adventurous plans, opt for a more urban,
comfortable and adaptable version of a watch.

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